-1 on the connection to "diddler" :P


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templer?  Made up word, no religious connotations.  Sort of has a ring like 
"diddler" to it but you can say it to your customer/boss.

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I can appreciate that, but I think a play on the word template is better than a 
play on the word skeleton, since, at least in the case of ZopeSkel, it does a 
lot more than just lay out files and code skeletons. ZopeSkel really shaping up 
to be a general purpose additive project building system.

Now that I think about it, PasteScript is pretty good name for what it does, 
actually :P

Anyway, I'm still keen on crushinator:

"You didn't touch the Crushinator, did you?"

"Of course not! A woman that fine you gotta romance!"

I also really like CandleJack... the reference is really funny, except you 
aren't supposed to say the name or you get abduc---

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> Any thoughts from you all?
I also like both of these. I think my +1 would go to templar.

http://www.pietheineek.nl/editor/userimages/_siteimages/skelter-werkplaats.jpg .

I know I don't like to be associated with religion (in whatever form that may 
be); I therefor strongly recommend Skelter :p

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