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  addcontent atschema: plone4 blob support missing, breaks on relstorage 

**Issue Details**::

    addcontent atschema, file field, sets up an atapi.FileField
    without blob support.

    If you use that in Plone4 with blob support, on relstorage, that
    triggers a fatal exception. Haven't tested without relstorage -
    maybe it doesn't raise an exception but just stores the blob in
    the ZODB suboptimally (without blob storage).

    Anyway, using blob storage for new file (and image) fields on new
    projects would seem to be the right default. Except of course if
    your deployment target is Plone3, don't know what the ZopeSkel
    policy is on that. I would argue to default for the latest stable
    Plone, with optimal settings for that Plone.

    Attached a diff that fixed my project from the ZopeSkel-generated
    setup to a plone.app.blob.field enabled type.

    This follows http://plone.org/documentation/manual/upgrade-

    The changed implementation does trigger warnings in the log about
    "security declaration for nonexistent method" but that seems to be
    a rather harmless fallout of Five, see https://bugs.launchpad.net

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