On Nov 15, 2010, at 10:27 AM, Clayton Parker wrote:

>> IIRC, the latest versions of plone3_buildout will take any (I guess) 
>> version of Plone when it asks. I've made Plone 4 buildouts with it a 
>> bunch of times over the past year.
> I've done something similar for our internal buildout setup. It accepts 3.3.x 
> and 4.x versions. Just takes a few conditions to make everything work 
> properly.
The number of conditions needed to keep it working for all versions from 3.0 up 
to the current 4.x releases is quickly growing unwieldy.  The plone3_buildout 
template currently doesn't include anything that would help users to properly 
set up blob support.

>> Maybe the plone3_buildout template needs to be renamed?
> +1
I'm a little leery of this, given that we've established a pattern of naming 
buildout templates according to the versions of plone supported.  This would 
certainly be the shortest route to filling the current need, but it's a 
sub-optimal solution for the long-run.  Then again, the long run lies in 
templer, not in zopeskel as it currently exists, so perhaps the short and easy 
solution is best for now.

>> Is there even a 
>> template for a pre-3.0 buildout?
Yes, there is a plone25_buildout recipe.  

>> IMHO, any Plone buildouts should be rolled into one template class, and 
>> process differently depending on what version the user wants to use.
> +1

That's sort of the way it works right now.  Given the number of significant 
differences, and given our desire to keep the zopeskel plone4 buildout 
stylistically aligned with the buildout used in the installers, I'm inclined to 
disagree with making them all work off of one template.  The logic in the 
template for plone3_buildout is already pretty twisted, needing to support 
eggified and non-eggified zope, eggified and non-eggified Plone and several 
other branch points.  I'm inclined to think that maintaining more--but less 
complicated--templates is easier.  

At any rate, does anyone have the time to help add new or alter existing 
buildout and theme templates to support plone4 in a more explicit way?


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