Thanks for your answer. I'm posting my comments on the dexterity_view local 
command below so zopeskel.dexterity developers can follow up on it.

The dexterity_view local command currently has a single variable named 
view_name. If you enter a name different from 'View', the Zope instance 
fails to start because you end up with a class extending grok.View without a 
render method nor a template associated to it. I have some ideas on what can 
be done to improve the situation and the dexterity_view local command in 

* Generate the template file based on the value provided in the view_name 
variable rather than always generating a file named

* Add variable view_type to select whether to create a simple view or 
DisplayForm view (technically, inherit from grok.View or from 

* Add a variable to determine the context to which the view should be 
registered for; basically what goes in the grok.context() directive. I can't 
think of a better way to do this than asking for the full dotted name for 
the schema class.



Cristopher Ewing wrote:
> Emanuel,
> Thanks for your contributions.  This would seem like a logical place to
> post, and I'll alert the folks fully responsible for zopeskel.dexterity. 
> I'm sure they'll be happy to roll in the fixes once they've looked them
> over and release a new version.
> As for plans to continue development, the entire zopeskel stack is
> currently being refactored for better modularity and easier extension.  I
> intend to roll the content of new packages like zopeskel.dexterity into
> that system once I get that far in the process, so yes, it will be
> maintained and developed going forward.
> Thanks again
> Cris
> On Nov 21, 2010, at 9:34 PM, Emanuel Sartor wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I don't know if zopeskel.dexterity is mantained by people reading this
>> list, but it seems to be the place that makes more sense to post about
>> it.
>> I've been using the latest release of zopeskel.dexterity in PyPI (1.1b1)
>> and found that some local commands were broken (they generate code that
>> prevents the Zope instance to start). I fixed some of them in SVN trunk.
>> Can we release 1.1b2 or something like that?
>> Are there any plans to continue developing zopeskel.dexterity? I was
>> thinking about some improvements to the dexterity_view local command that
>> I'd like to discuss about.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Emanuel
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