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Issue Information

  plone template should have an option to generate skins folder and related xml 
files (http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/54)

**Issue Details**::

    ...because it is pain in the ass do it by hand and the lack of
    skins.xml and skins folder prevents newcomers to customize any

    <rob__> moo_: if i create a new product via paster there is no
    skin folder at all, should i just copy the skin folder from
    egg/Products/TinyMCE/skins/tinymce/plugins/ploneimage ?

    <rob__> moo_: wow seems to be not that easy as expected. which XML
    files do you mean? it's hard to imagine that this is the usual way
    editing a htm file of a tinymce plugin. :o( i thought it was much

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