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  plone template should have an option to generate skins folder and related xml 
files (http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/54)

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    Ugh! I thought it did, I'm sorry. This is a problem. What I'd like
    to see is the skins folder being an option to any of the 'plone'
    derived templates. I'll open this back up.

    I think what I must have done in the past was use the 'archetype'
    template, and then wired up the skins folder using ZCML (base

    <cmf:registerDirectory name="tpl.policy"/>

    and then in the profile (skins.xml):

    <?xml version="1.0"?>

    <object name="portal_skins" default_skin="TPL Policy">

        <object name="tpl.policy"

                meta_type="Filesystem Directory View"


        <skin-path name="TPL Policy" based-on="Sunburst Theme">

            <layer name="tpl.policy" insert-after="custom"/>



    (assume that your product is called tpl.policy and there's a
    directory called skins/tpl.policy)

    I'm pretty sure that's all you need (compared to some of the other
    things you need to do to make plone work, I don't see that as that
    much of a PITA).

    In any case, I don't think it's too much to ask to add this as
    either a option in the questions asked by all of the plone
    product-related templates, or as a local command.

    I will say, however, that I still believe that the lack of a skins
    folder in the these templates is by design, I just can't speak as
    to why. :/

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