Hi all,

after a longer-than-expected period of development, I am happy to announce the 
first beta release of templer.core 1.0b1.

This new package is the first step in the breakup of the zopskel package into a 
number of smaller and more easily managed packages.  The core package contains 
basic namespace, nested namespace and recipe templates and the zopeskel script. 

I've just now noticed that the documentation on pypi contains mixed references 
to a 'templer' script and a 'zopeskel' script.  The package only generates a 
zopeskel script, so that's going to have to get updated right away.

I'd like to solicit help from the community in reviewing this new package, 
uploaded as a beta, for consistency and adherence to currently understood best 
practices.  I've attempted to start from the cleanest and most minimal point 
possible for all templates to ensure that we have consistent package structures 
throughout the templates to come.  

There is a branch of zopeskel present that runs using templer.core and has had 
all the code in that package removed.  It can be found here:


I've also created a buildout I've been using to gather all the pieces together 
for development:


Any eyes on this code will help to ensure that it doesn't suck, so please help 
out if you can.


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