Hi Dexterity & ZopeSkel lists,

FYI, I've merged to zopeskel.dexterity trunk a set of changes meant to make
zopeskel.dexterity's generated skeletons a bit more grok-like and a bit more
like what's described in the Dexterity docs. I've copied the previous state
of zopeskel.dexterity into a 1.2 branch.

If folks like this, I'd like to move it to beta soon. Let me know if you
have reservations or suggestions.


Merge changes:

- Removed content field and view local command templates. My rationale for
  removing the field template is that most novice developers should be using

  TTW models and taking advantage of supermodel round-tripping. Those who
  comfortable with schema fields are probably not likely to be using a tool
  like ZopeSkel to add them. The rationale for removing the view template is
  simpler: it's main functionality is now in the content-type template.

- Add sample view definition with addition of a content type.

- Revise to use filenames that will match those created by dexterity's
  buttons. This means removing the dotted filename style.

- Revise to use grok-style directory structures that will more closely
  correspond with the dexterity docs.
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