The path component of a file: URI on Windows can contain C:/ (or C%3A/), but 
that's not directly relevant.

fn:resolve-uri() works with exactly URIs. It is not defined to accept 
filesystem paths. Thus, if the input is "C:/foo", it will interpret that 
strictly as a URI (and most likely fail since the "C:" scheme probably isn't 

fn:doc() is an explicit exception in Zorba - it is defined (by us) to accept 
either a URI *or* a filesystem path. This is technically not W3C-spec 
compliant, but it was decided that it was necessary for a good customer 
experience. But fn:resolve-uri() does not have the same "magic". If you want, 
you could maybe make a case that it should have the same magic, but even if we 
agreed on that, it should use the same code from inside the implementation of 
fn:doc() to achieve it.
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