> Not mentioned in ChangeLog


> function name too long? node-structural-information

Any suggestions?


> difference between following-in-document-order-of following-of? Following is
> always in document order.

If we consider a node n in a document d:
following-of: the nodes which start tag occurs after the end tag of n and are 
in d. Ie. the following axis in Xpath
"From the spec ... the following axis contains all nodes that are descendants 
of the root of the tree in which the context node is found, are not descendants 
of the context node, and occur after the context node in document order"

following-in document-order-of: the nodes which start tag occurs after the 
start tag of n and are in d, but also nodes in other documents.  Ie the << 
operator in Xpath

"From the spec ... The relative order of nodes in distinct trees is stable but 
implementation-dependent, subject to the following constraint: If any node in a 
given tree T1 is before any node in a different tree T2, then all nodes in tree 
T1 are before all nodes in tree T2."

> zerr:: => zerr:
> creating a structural URI may raise an error. However, non of the functions of
> the module catches the error and adds a query location to it.
Fixed and added new test
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