Chris Hillery has proposed merging 
lp:~zorba-coders/zorba/2.0-download-tagged-modules into 

Requested reviews:
  Chris Hillery (ceejatec)
  Matthias Brantner (matthias-brantner)

For more details, see:
Your team Zorba Coders is subscribed to branch lp:~zorba-coders/zorba/2.0.
=== modified file 'modules/DownloadModules.cmake'
--- modules/DownloadModules.cmake	2011-10-06 23:08:59 +0000
+++ modules/DownloadModules.cmake	2011-10-11 23:20:30 +0000
@@ -19,9 +19,11 @@
 #   Valid options:
 #      modname = short module name (see modules/ExternalModules.conf);
 #                may be a semicolon-separated list
-#      allmodules = if true, download all known modules
+#      allmodules = if true: download all known modules
 #      outdir = full path to Zorba's external modules directory to download
 #               modules into (will be created if necessary)
+#      notags = if true: ignore tags, check out HEAD revision of module(s)
+#               (bzr only - svn uses different URLs for tags)
 # Figure out what directory we're running in - ExternalModules.txt is here too
 get_filename_component (cwd ${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_FILE} PATH)
@@ -55,6 +57,11 @@
     list (GET _modargs 0 _modname)
     list (GET _modargs 1 _modvc)
     list (GET _modargs 2 _modurl)
+    set (_modtag)
+    list (LENGTH _modargs _modargslen)
+    if (_modargslen GREATER 3)
+      list (GET _modargs 3 _modtag)
+    endif (_modargslen GREATER 3)
     # See if this is a module short-name we care about
     set (_getmod)
@@ -88,8 +95,13 @@
           message (FATAL_ERROR
             "Bazaar client not found - required for ${_modname} module!")
         endif (NOT bzr)
+        set (_modtagargs)
+        if (_modtag AND NOT notags)
+          set (_modtagargs "-r" "${_modtag}")
+        endif (_modtag AND NOT notags)
         execute_process (COMMAND "${bzr}" branch "${_modurl}" "${_modname}"
-          WORKING_DIRECTORY "${outdir}" TIMEOUT 60)
+          ${_modtagargs} WORKING_DIRECTORY "${outdir}" TIMEOUT 60)
       else (${_modvc} STREQUAL "svn")
         message (FATAL_ERROR "Unknown vc-type '${_modvc}' for module "

=== modified file 'modules/ExternalModules.conf'
--- modules/ExternalModules.conf	2011-10-06 23:08:59 +0000
+++ modules/ExternalModules.conf	2011-10-11 23:20:30 +0000
@@ -16,21 +16,26 @@
 # the Zorba Team may be downloaded from source control.
 # Format:
-#   short-mod-name   vc-type   url
-# where "short-mod-name" is a convenient tag for identifying the module;
-# "vc-type" is the type of version control software (so far only "bzr"
-# and "svn" are supported); and "url" is the URL to check out.
+#   short-mod-name   vc-type   url   [ tag ]
+# where:
+#   "short-mod-name" is a convenient name for identifying the module
+#   "vc-type" is the type of version control software (so far
+#       only "bzr" and "svn" are supported)
+#   "url" is the URL to check out
+#   "tag" is the VCS tag to check out (optional - defaults to HEAD;
+#       currently only works for bzr, since svn tags are just different URLS)
-data-cleaning   bzr  lp:zorba/data-cleaning-module
-data-converters bzr  lp:zorba/data-converters-module
-data-formatting bzr  lp:zorba/data-formatting-module
-email           bzr  lp:zorba/email-module
-excel           bzr  lp:zorba/excel-module
-geo             bzr  lp:zorba/geo-module
-http-client     bzr  lp:zorba/http-client-module
-image           bzr  lp:zorba/image-module
-languages       bzr  lp:zorba/languages-module
-oauth           bzr  lp:zorba/oauth-module
-process         bzr  lp:zorba/process-module
-security        bzr  lp:zorba/security-module
-system          bzr  lp:zorba/system-module
+data-cleaning   bzr  lp:zorba/data-cleaning-module       zorba-2.0.3
+data-converters bzr  lp:zorba/data-converters-module     zorba-2.0.3
+data-formatting bzr  lp:zorba/data-formatting-module     zorba-2.0.3
+email           bzr  lp:zorba/email-module               zorba-2.0.3
+excel           bzr  lp:zorba/excel-module               zorba-2.0.3
+geo             bzr  lp:zorba/geo-module                 zorba-2.0.3
+http-client     bzr  lp:zorba/http-client-module         zorba-2.0.3
+image           bzr  lp:zorba/image-module               zorba-2.0.3
+languages       bzr  lp:zorba/languages-module           zorba-2.0.3
+oauth           bzr  lp:zorba/oauth-module               zorba-2.0.3
+process         bzr  lp:zorba/process-module             zorba-2.0.3
+security        bzr  lp:zorba/security-module            zorba-2.0.3
+system          bzr  lp:zorba/system-module              zorba-2.0.3

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