In XQTS_1_0_3 the expected result for this test is 'true'.
According to the:
- W3C F&O Spec:
- decisions taken in bug 11590:

The correct result in this case is the empty sequence: because () eq ""
returns ()

Because of the fact that at this moment the RQ uses XQTS_1_0_3, the test 
is marked as an expected failure in 
Also the test was manually added in the 
test/tbkt/Queries/w3c_known_failures.txt in order for the change to go through 
the RQ.

The proposed changes for this bug can be found on this public branch: lp

** Bug watch added: W3C Bugzilla #11590

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  K2-NamespaceURIForPrefixFunc-2 test fails

Status in Zorba - The XQuery Processor:

Bug description:
  this is the ctest output:

  === Query: ===
  (: Test: K2-NamespaceURIForPrefixFunc-2                  :)
  (: Written by: Frans Englich                             :)
  (: Date: 2007-11-22T11:31:21+01:00                       :)
  (: Purpose: Test that the correct default namespace is picked up(#2). :)
  namespace-uri-for-prefix("", exactly-one(<e xmlns=""; 
                <b xmlns:B=""; xmlns=""/>
        </e>/b)) eq ""
  === end of Query ===
  === Result: ===
  === end of result ===
  testdriver: non-canonical result for reference result # 1 doesn't match.

  Actual and Reference canonical results are not identical

  Actual Canonical Result:


  Reference Canonical Result: 


  See line 1, col 6 of expected result. 
  Actual:   <<root>true</root>>
  Expected: <<root></root>>
  testdriver: canonical result for reference result # 1 doesn't match.
  testdriver: none of the reference results matched

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