> Renamed the module and function to node-position.
> How should I replace "structural information" in the functions comments?
> "node position uri"?

I rewrote somewhat the introductory comment in node-position.xq. Here is the 
new version:

 : This module provides a function (np:node-position) that, given a node, 
 : returns positional information about the node in the form of an xs:anyURI
 : item. The module also defines functions that use such positional information
 : to determine: (1) positional relationships between two nodes (e.g. if one 
 : is the ancestor of another) and (2) positional properties of a single node 
 : (e.g. its level in the tree).
 : Within this module, the term "node position" will be used to refer to an
 : xs:anyURI item that is returned by the np:node-position function.
 : @author Federico Cavalieri 

If everybody agrees with my rewrite, then the answer to your question is "node 
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