> 1. It looks like your editor is still randomly changing whitespace on certain
> lines, resulting in extraneous diffs... I hope you can figure out what's
> causing that and disable it.
My text editor had another default setting to 'Ensure consistent EOLs' with EOF 
set to LF.
Problem fixed.

> 2. In testdriver_mt, would it be possible to create the XML results on-disk as
> you go, rather than collecting the results in a huge in-memory stringstream?
The XML file is big, not huge.
Considering that the results come for multiple threads the issue of 
synchronizing them in order to be able to open the result file, flush the 
result of a test and close the result file it's not worth it IMHO.
> 3. One problem in Submit_xqts.cmake: you have
>   set (testfile "${builddir}/Testing/Test.xml")
>   if(testfile)
>      ...
> That will always be true. I think you meant
>   if (EXISTS "${testfile}")
Yes, thanks for pointing this out: issue fixed.

> 4. I also don't like that you had to duplicate the execute_process() call to
> Zorba. Couldn't you just set(testfile) in both branches of the "if
> (testdriver_mt)", and then move the execute_process() call after the endif()?
> Since you have a FATAL_ERROR if the Test.xml file isn't found, you don't have
> to worry about testfile being set to something bogus.
Also fixed.
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