>Looks good in general. Only tried compiling so far but didn't install. I would 
>suggest that at
> least somebody with Windows also tries it.

I built and tested (and even debugged) it on Windows, and at least my own test 
cases worked fine.
> Minor comments:
> - theURIPath (good name?); theXQPath?

It's used for all URIs, not just .xq files, so I think --uri-path / theURIPath 
is more accurate.
> - setLibPath or setLibPaths in the public api?

IMHO, a "path" is "a list of directories." See $PATH in shell, $CLASSPATH in 
Java, etc. So I consistently used "path" for the URI path and Library path. I 
couldn't change setModulePaths(), but actually that's kind of accurate because 
what that function now does is set both the URI and Library paths 

I spelled out that "path" == "list of directories" in comments and the --help 
output, so hopefully it's not confusing.
> - should we really remove -module-path from zorbacmd but keep it in the 
> public sctx (backwards
> incompatible?)

I don't think so. I left --module-path there because I assumed people were 
using it. It is sometimes convenient as well. I originally considered marking 
it as "deprecated" and I'm still not sure that it shouldn't be...

Hm. The variable is only for CMake. I didn't think that "backwards 
compatibility" extended all the way to build configuration variables. I don't 
think it's possible to maintain that variable even as a "convenience wrapper", 
because it would break the core/non-core split.
> Will you add documentation & change log before merging?

That is now done.

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