The changes you asked for are done

> > Added the error throw and also changed getExternalVariables to use iterators
> > instead of a vector
> Juan, XPST0008 is not a bad choice for the error code, but in this case, the
> error does not come from an xquery program but from the zorba c++ api. So, you
> must create a new error code. To do this you must modify the
> src/diagnostics/diagnostic_en.xml file. There is a list of API errors there
> already (starting at line 1727). Add your own error there.
> Regarding the getExternalVariables method:
> 1. It doesn't need to return a bool anymore
> 2. There is already a VectorIterator class in src/api/vectoriterator.h. Please
> use that one (it is a little more lightweight than creating a temp seq and
> getting a temp seq iterator).
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