Chris Hillery has proposed merging lp:~zorba-coders/zorba/modules-conf-2.1 into 

Requested reviews:
  Matthias Brantner (matthias-brantner)
  Chris Hillery (ceejatec)

For more details, see:
Your team Zorba Coders is subscribed to branch lp:zorba.
=== modified file 'modules/ExternalModules.conf'
--- modules/ExternalModules.conf	2011-11-23 04:01:52 +0000
+++ modules/ExternalModules.conf	2011-11-30 22:54:25 +0000
@@ -26,17 +26,17 @@
 #   "tag" is the VCS tag to check out (optional - defaults to HEAD;
 #       currently only works for bzr, since svn tags are just different URLS)
-data-cleaning   bzr  lp:zorba/data-cleaning-module       zorba-2.0.3
-data-converters bzr  lp:zorba/data-converters-module     zorba-2.0.3
-data-formatting bzr  lp:zorba/data-formatting-module     zorba-2.0.3
-email           bzr  lp:zorba/email-module               zorba-2.0.3
-excel           bzr  lp:zorba/excel-module               zorba-2.0.3
-geo             bzr  lp:zorba/geo-module                 zorba-2.0.3
-http-client     bzr  lp:zorba/http-client-module         zorba-2.0.3
-image           bzr  lp:zorba/image-module               zorba-2.0.3
-languages       bzr  lp:zorba/languages-module           zorba-2.0.3
-oauth           bzr  lp:zorba/oauth-module               zorba-2.0.3
-process         bzr  lp:zorba/process-module             zorba-2.0.3
-security        bzr  lp:zorba/security-module            zorba-2.0.3
-system          bzr  lp:zorba/system-module              zorba-2.0.3
-xqxq            bzr  lp:zorba/xqxq-module
+data-cleaning   bzr  lp:zorba/data-cleaning-module       zorba-2.1
+data-converters bzr  lp:zorba/data-converters-module     zorba-2.1
+data-formatting bzr  lp:zorba/data-formatting-module     zorba-2.1
+email           bzr  lp:zorba/email-module               zorba-2.1
+excel           bzr  lp:zorba/excel-module               zorba-2.1
+geo             bzr  lp:zorba/geo-module                 zorba-2.1
+http-client     bzr  lp:zorba/http-client-module         zorba-2.1
+image           bzr  lp:zorba/image-module               zorba-2.1
+languages       bzr  lp:zorba/languages-module           zorba-2.1
+oauth           bzr  lp:zorba/oauth-module               zorba-2.1
+process         bzr  lp:zorba/process-module             zorba-2.1
+security        bzr  lp:zorba/security-module            zorba-2.1
+system          bzr  lp:zorba/system-module              zorba-2.1
+xqxq            bzr  lp:zorba/xqxq-module                zorba-2.1

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