Both options have pros and cons, and I don't have a strong opinion. I will ask 
Matthias as well to see if he has one. In the mean time, I have changed 
debugger_expr::compute_scripting_kind() to implement option 2 and I am going to 
merge the branch.

About the other question on whether the debugger should apply the PUL returned 
by an updating expr, I have decided to not apply it.

> Leaving a note here as well:
> 176     +void debugger_expr::compute_scripting_kind()
> 177     +{
> 178     +  theScriptingKind = SEQUENTIAL_FUNC_EXPR;
> 179     +}
> This is not good since it forces the entire to be sequential, and errors will
> be thrown for all simple functions since now they all have sequential debug
> iterators wrapping their bodies but they don't have the necessary sequential
> annotation.
> 1. Either the error is removed in debug mode
> 2. debug expr/iterator reflects the scripting type of the wrapped expression
> (I would go for this one)
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