Review: Needs Fixing

WOW, that's really cool. I just tried parsing a huge file and memory 
consumption was constant at a low level. Also, skipping root nodes worked like 
a charm.

I have some question/remarks:
- In the schema, there is a typo skip-top-Level-text-nodes => 
- If validation is enabled, will the validation copy or validate-in-place? I 
think it should validate-in-place for performance reasons.
- From the documentation, it's not clear on which nodes validation will happen 
if root nodes are skipped.
- Why does the schema have the following copyright notice  "Copyright (c)2010 
Elsevier, Inc."?
- The copyright should be 2006-2012
- Parsing the following document with  <opt:parse-external-parsed-entity 
opt:skip-root-nodes="1"/> results in an infinite loop:
<root><a id='0'>
<a id='1'>
<a id='2'>
- The feature is not added to the ChangeLog
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