AFAIK there are no suggestions on the table on how to allow this without 
special-cases or hacks. Also AFAIK there is no outstanding requirement to do 
so. The plan is to change the URI in 3.0 and be done with it.

The fact is that our name-mangling mechanism for mapping URIs to filesystem 
paths is not 100% one-to-one; it is slightly lossy, in that several URIs may 
map to the same filesystem path. This has always been a theoretical problem, 
not an actual one, in the past. The only reason it's an actual problem this 
time is because of a different bug (authoring our FunctX module with the wrong 
URI). IMHO solving this problem is not a high priority, and doing so fully 
would at the least make our on-disk layout rather uglier than it is.
Your team Zorba Coders is requested to review the proposed merge of 
lp:~zorba-coders/zorba/functx-uri-fix into lp:zorba.

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