This change would be backwards-compatible at the source level. It would
not I think be backwards-compatible at the ABI level (I'm assuming,
perhaps rashly, that C++ will generally mangle "const foo" differently
than "foo"). However, given that the store isn't yet a public API or
ever built separately from its implementations, this point is mostly

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  Store::getNodeReference() should take Item const*

Status in Zorba - The XQuery Processor:

Bug description:
  In the Store class, there is the function that currently has the

      virtual bool getNodeReference(Item_t& result, Item* node) = 0;

  Specifically, it takes an Item* (pointer to non-constant Item) because
  it presumably mutates the Item object if it has to assign a node

  However, the function signature should really be:

      virtual bool getNodeReference(Item_t& result, Item const* node) =

  that is, take an Item const* (pointer to constant Item). The operation
  is "logically const." An implementation may choose not to alter the
  Item at all and instead store a mapping between Items and node
  references elsewhere.

  However, for an implementation that does store the node reference in
  an Item itself, that doesn't change the fact that the operation is
  still "logically const." The node reference data member should be made

  Having the function take an Item* as it does now means that other
  classes elsewhere that return an Item const* for which you want to
  obtain its node reference must first const_cast the pointer which is

  For example, the FTToken class keeps an Item const* pointing to the
  Item whence the token came. There is no reason FTToken itself needs
  the Item to be non-const, hence it declares its data member as Item
  const*. However, in code elsewhere, we want to obtain the node
  reference for a token's Item like this:

    if ( store::Item const *const token_item = token->item() ) {
      store::Item *const temp = const_cast<store::Item*>( token_item );
      if ( GENV_STORE.getNodeReference( item, temp ) ) {
        // ...

  The introduction of the const_cast and temp is ugly and shouldn't be
  necessary. It would be even more ugly to change the FTToken class to
  use an Item* because then everything that passes an Item* to FTToken
  might have to be changed also, i.e., the non-const-ness would ripple
  throughout the code.

  Note that changing the function signature to the proposed one using
  const is a backwards *compatible* change because increasing "const-
  ness" is always so. (The reverse, however, i.e., making something that
  is const into non-const, is a backwards incompatible change.)

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