Review: Needs Fixing

Agreed with Matthias's comments.

Regarding DECLARE_ZORBA_JAR(), it looks like the commented-out macro is an 
older version, and the newer version is not commented-out. The older one should 
just be deleted.

Couple more comments:

- Do we also need to mention the addition of swig/various.i in NOTICE.xml? It 
has a comment saying it's from the SWIG package directly.

- Wasn't the class name "IStream" causing a build conflict on Windows?

- The call to init_val() in zorbacmdproperties_base.h should be on a separate 
line. (I know it was cut-and-pasted from above, but ugh.)

- Why is the method for retrieving the PropertiesGlobal* called 
"getProperties()"? Shouldn't that be getProperiesGlobal()? (Or, IMHO, 
getGlobalProperties() and rename the class to GlobalProperties.)

- Similarly, why is the factory method for PropertiesGlobal 
"Properties::instance()"? (The Zorba Properties stuff has always seemed like a 
mishmash to me; this isn't helping.)

- Need to fix the conflict in ExternalModules.conf.

- Typo: "singelton" in zorba.h.
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