> It looks like you didn't fix the indentation of calls to init_val() in
> zorbacmdproperties_base.h, and in fact it looks like you moved a number of
> other instances of calls to that method onto the ends of earlier lines of code
> in zorba_properties.h. It's just not good readability. To be clear, I'm
> talking about lines like this:
>    if (*argv == NULL) { result = "No value given for --classpath option";
> break; }        init_val (*argv, theClasspath, d);
> There's no reason to have that call to init_val() hanging out over there. I
> count 9 places where this is done, most of which were put that way with this
> change.

If you take a look at the file there are many places where this strange 
indentation occurs. Check out the top of the file: THIS IS A GENERATED FILE. DO 

> You also didn't rename the class "IStream". Rodolfo reported that that class
> name conflicted with a Windows class, making the code not compile on Windows.
> It's not clear to me if this is one of the changes for "optimizing XQJ" you
> mentioned, but if it actually causes a compilation failure it must be changed.

Rodolfo, checked out the full build and tests on windows, there is no problem 
with it. I sent an email to clarify it.
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