Review from Dana:

1. There is no distinction between a "stack" and any other collection. Do we 
need the distinction ? 
I guess so, because available-stacks gives all available-collections, which is 
Plus, though the stack module one can delete ANY collection, which also seems 

2. delete() should use the new trim() function on collections from the

3. Delete() should raise an error if the stack doesn't exist, not
silently do nothing

4. Documentation does not say that a COPY of the node is inserted in the 
stack/queue, and NOT
the original node. (copy is made at insertion time, like in a normal 

Same comment for the copy() function.

5. create() should raise an error in case the thing already exists, not 
silently delete it and recreate a
new one.

6. Please re-write THAT into something efficient and decent:
declare function stack:available-stacks() as xs:QName* {
  for $collQName in collections-ddl:available-collections() return $collQName

(hint: collections-ddl:available-collections() would do)

7. Please rewrite THAT into something efficient and decent:
declare function stack:top($name as  xs:QName) as node()? {
  let $stackContent := collections-dml:collection($name)
  return   if(fn:not(fn:empty($stackContent))) then $stackContent[1]  else  ()

( hint: collections-dml:collection($name)[1]
 would do )

8. The empty() function should raise an error if the stack/queue doesn't exist. 
Exist and Empty are
different things.

** Changed in: zorba
       Status: New => In Progress

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  stack & queue module

Status in Zorba - The XQuery Processor:
  In Progress

Bug description:
  Implement two new modules:

  - stack for node items, using collections
  - queue for node items, using collections

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