The capitalize() function apparently only works for English.  IMHO, this is a 
severe limitation.  That aside, it probably ought to be named something like 

The thesaurus:check-related() function doesn't seem right.  First, the result 
of ft:lookup() does *not* return the relationship between two phrases.  It 
returns the related phrases for a given phrase that *have* the relationship you 
give it (if you use the signature that takes a $relationship).

Second, you're (again) hard-coding English (and yet not hard-coding the URI).  
It seems like that's all related-terms() does.  Why bother?  It just adds an 
extra layer of function and documentation with very little utility, IMHO.

Third, the documentation for check-related() isn't clear.  Describing $s1 as 
the first string and $s2 as the second string is insufficient.  The order 

FYI: the way you currently specify a thesaurus 
($RBKT_BINARY_DIR/thesauri/wordnet-en.zth) is 
going to change.
Your team Zorba Coders is requested to review the proposed merge of 
lp:~diogo-simoes89/zorba/data-cleaning-thesaurus into 

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