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  Chris Hillery (ceejatec)
  Juan Zacarias (juan457)
Related bugs:
  Bug #872386 in Zorba: "doc: re-run CMake after adding module .cpp files"

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=== modified file 'doc/zorba/modules_authoring_2.dox'
--- doc/zorba/modules_authoring_2.dox	2012-04-24 12:39:38 +0000
+++ doc/zorba/modules_authoring_2.dox	2012-04-25 06:08:44 +0000
@@ -318,6 +318,21 @@
 directory will be set in a CMake variable by the
 <tt>FIND_PACKAGE()</tt> command.
+Important note: <tt>DECLARE_ZORBA_MODULE</tt> discovers all
+<tt>.cpp</tt> files in the source directory automatically, using a
+glob pattern (i.e., <tt>*.cpp</tt>). This is convenient, but it does
+have a hidden downside: If you add new <tt>.cpp</tt> files to this
+directory, CMake has no way of knowing that you have done so, and so
+those files will not automatically get built. This can lead to strange
+compilation or runtime errors. Fortunately, there is a simple
+solution: Whenever you add new <tt>.cpp</tt> files for a module,
+always remember to immediately re-run <tt>cmake</tt> in your build
+directory. This will cause the glob pattern to be re-run and will pick
+up any new source code files. Likewise, if you delete any
+<tt>.cpp</tt> files from your source directory, you will need to
+re-run <tt>cmake</tt> for the same reason - although at least in that
+case you will get a clear error message if you forget to do so.
 \section mod_author_declare_synopsis Zorba Module CMake Macros: Summary
 For reference, here is the complete set of options for all macros

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