>>1. When adding new virtual methods to a public API class, they must be added 
>>at the bottom of the class (after any other virtual methods) to maintain ABI 
- Done

>>2. Couldn't users just call setBaseURI(""), rather than needing this new 
- This functionality is implemented to set relative paths, so, for current base 
URI: http://www.foo.com/bar the method will set the base URI to 

>>3. I don't understand the change to static_context::compute_base_uri(); that 
>>seems like it will change behaviour even when nobody calls clearBaseURI(). 
>>Can you clarify that logic?
- Seems that the method was created to make verifications on the base_uri, from 
this method I just removed the default http://www.zorba-xquery.com

Style issues:

>>4. dataflow_annotations.h: don't comment out code; just delete the line. 
>>Also, is the new #include of rewriter_context.h necessary?
line deleted, this is to avoid a warning where the compiler detect the a struct 
and the find this class re-definition, the right thing to do is to add the 
definition header.

>>5. I don't love the fact that the Windows compilation fixes are part of this 
>>merge proposal, since they're unrelated and that won't show up in the log. 
>>However, I admit it's a pain to run a separate proposal for them. Could you 
>>just add a note to the commit message saying they're there?
- Done
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