Hi Rodolfo,

You really went quite far in your exploration....

I have a fix for this now, but since the trunk is frozen right now, i
have to wait to commit it.


> From: Rodolfo Ochoa <867...@bugs.launchpad.net>
>To: markos...@yahoo.com 
>Sent: Saturday, May 5, 2012 7:46 AM
>Subject: [Bug 867170] Re: Overwritten variables in prolog
>Captain James T. Kirk: Captain's log, stardate 9522.6:
>Trying to solve this bug I created this Prolog and Query:
>lProlog << "declare variable $A := <a>a</a>; declare variable $B := <b>b</b>; 
>lQuery << "declare variable $C := <c>c</c>; declare variable $D := <d>d</d>; 
>$B ";
>Then I printed the execution plan, giving me this:
><SequentialIterator id="0258F708">
>  <SequentialIterator id="0258F778">
>    <CtxVarDeclareIterator varid="2" varname="A" id="02783778">
>      <ElementIterator id="02783700">
>        <SingletonIterator value="xs:QName(,,a)" id="0279A900"/>
>        <TextIterator id="0279A780">
>          <SingletonIterator value="xs:string(a)" id="0279A720"/>
>        </TextIterator>
>      </ElementIterator>
>    </CtxVarDeclareIterator>
>    <CtxVarDeclareIterator varid="3" varname="B" id="02783FE8">
>      <ElementIterator id="02783D18">
>        <SingletonIterator value="xs:QName(,,b)" id="0279A6C0"/>
>        <TextIterator id="0279A960">
>          <SingletonIterator value="xs:string(b)" id="0279A660"/>
>        </TextIterator>
>      </ElementIterator>
>    </CtxVarDeclareIterator>
>    <FnConcatIterator id="0258F7E8"/>
>  </SequentialIterator>
>  <CtxVarDeclareIterator varid="2" varname="C" id="027840D8">
>    <ElementIterator copyInputNodes="false" id="02784060">
>      <SingletonIterator value="xs:QName(,,c)" id="0279A9C0"/>
>      <TextIterator id="0279AA80">
>        <SingletonIterator value="xs:string(c)" id="0279AA20"/>
>      </TextIterator>
>    </ElementIterator>
>  </CtxVarDeclareIterator>
>  <CtxVarDeclareIterator varid="3" varname="D" id="027841C8">
>    <ElementIterator copyInputNodes="false" id="02784150">
>      <SingletonIterator value="xs:QName(,,d)" id="0279AAE0"/>
>      <TextIterator id="0279ABA0">
>        <SingletonIterator value="xs:string(d)" id="0279AB40"/>
>      </TextIterator>
>    </ElementIterator>
>  </CtxVarDeclareIterator>
>  <CtxVarIterator varid="3" varname="B" varkind="global" id="00A9D3E8"/>
>So, I can see that the Iterators have variables with duplicated varids,
>digging into the code, I found that to process the prolog an XQueryImpl
>object is created, so for every XQueryImpl created on xqueryimpl.cpp:586
>the line:
>  ulong nextDynamicVarId = 2;
>initializes the "unique" varid to 2, so, after the prolog is processed when 
>the real query starts it starts again from two... but why?
>because on plan_visitor.cpp:605 the lines:
>  if (varExpr->get_unique_id() == 0)
>    varExpr->set_unique_id(theNextDynamicVarId++);
>increment the varid only if it exists. So a quick fix could be to increment 
>the varid out this verification, and everytime a new query is created the 
>varid will be incremented correctly.
>But this fix looks dirty, a better approach should be to initialize in 
>xqueryimpl the nextDynamicVarId considering the number of variables that the 
>prolog/staticContext has.
>I tried to do that on staticContext, but it was very difficult, I tried 
>putting this value on StaticContext, but after a while I realize that 
>XQueryImpl uses static_context and this is different than StaticContext class.
>So... my time went out and couldn't figure out how to pass this variable 
>accross the classes...
>Markos, hope this helps to fix this quickly....
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>  Overwritten variables in prolog
>Status in Zorba - The XQuery Processor:
>  Confirmed
>Bug description:
>  Variables declared in Prolog are Overwritten inside the query.
>  example attached
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  Overwritten variables in prolog

Status in Zorba - The XQuery Processor:

Bug description:
  Variables declared in Prolog are Overwritten inside the query.
  example attached

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