Review: Needs Fixing

I don't think you should have removed the XSL_FOP_HOME/build and 
XSL_FOP_HOME/lib directories from the PATHS of FIND_FILE(). Those are where 
they will be located if you download the binary distribution of FOP from Apache.

However, the bigger problem is the version numbers in the jar filenames in the 
binary distribution, as well as in the files from Macports and other places. 
FIND_FILE() cannot find these, and that's bad. After some discussion with 
Matthias today, we decided the only viable approach was effectively to 
re-implement FIND_FILE() with the ability to do glob patterns. I am going to 
see if I can add a macro to do that for jar files to the util-jvm package; if 
not I'll just embed it in the FOP module for now.
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