It is necessary for now, primarily to support building the 
data-formatting-module against an *installed* Zorba with the util-jvm module. 
In that case, util-jvm's CMakeLists.txt won't be run, so FIND_PACKAGE(Java) and 
(JNI) won't be run either.

A better solution would probably be to add those two FIND_PACKAGE() calls, with 
the associated JAVA_HOME trickery, to util-jvm's use file 
(util-jvm-module/config/UtilJavaUse.cmake), and then have data-formatting and 
schema-tools include the use file in the same way that the EXI module does. 
(Ideally util-jvm's own CMakeLists.txt would also include its own use file so 
that the code would exist in exactly one place, but I'm not totally sure how to 
accomplish that.)
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