'Small' explanation:

On Windows, there isn't something like an RPath or a default library search 
path. Therefore, all libraries which an executable depends on need to be in the 
PATH. Thus, we generate for each executable in Zorba a bat file to set the PATH 
variable properly before executing it (e.g. \bin\zorba.bat).

So, when we wanna execute an exe from the build directory in the cmd, you can 
execute the bat. This is also used for ctests. E.g. the rbkt testdriver is 
executed via the testdriver.bat file.

Now, there are some guys in the Zorba team using Visual Studio ( :-) ). Those 
people wanna be able to execute the exes from visual studio, e.g. for 
debugging. But Visual Studio does execute the exes directly. There is no way to 
tell visual studio to execute the bat files instead. So, the trick to set PATH 
in bat files does not work. But some years ago, we found a bypass by generation 
the Visual Studio project files for each executable manually and set the PATH 
variable there.

Unfortunately, this mechanism got forgotten when someone changed the bat file 
generation mechanism. Bat file needs to be generated at the end of cmake to get 
all PATH entries in. So, what I am doing in this change is: I make the vcproj 
file generation equal to the bat file generation. That's all :-).

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