Review: Needs Fixing

- code conventions in collections_impl.cpp
- getIterator(xs_integer aSkip)
  - should be getIterator(xs_integer& aSkip) because xs_integer can be MAPM
  - could be one function with default parameter 0
- to_xs_long conversion in SimpleCollection can raise an error which should be 
caught somewhere in the iterator and a location needs to be added
- CollectionIter(SimpleCollection* collection, xs_integer aSkip); => 
CollectionIter(SimpleCollection* collection, xs_integer& aSkip);
- store::Iterator_t getIterator(xs_integer aSkip); => store::Iterator_t 
getIterator(xs_integer& aSkip);
- functions should be in the .xq modules and have documentation
- dml:collection(xs:QName("local:test2"), -1) produces a segfault
- dml:collection(xs:QName("local:test2"), x) produces a segfault if x is bigger 
than the size of the collection
- skip and count optimizations don't seem to play well together (maybe not 
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