Review: Needs Information

David - Matthias is on vacation this week, so if possible I'd like to review 
this change instead and get it merged.

That said - can you explain to me the central part of the change, which is the 
Base64 dance done inside of "if (lContainsNonAscii)" ? Better yet, please put a 
comment there explaining what magic is accomplished by "=?UTF-8?B?" stuff...

Also, where does "cpystr()" come from? It doesn't seem to be defined in the 
module and isn't part of any standard library I'm aware of. I don't like the 
fact that it requires us to use const_cast<char*>, although granted that was 
already a problem before you started this change.

Assuming that's OK, then I'll need you to re-submit this proposal with me as a 
reviewer instead of Matthias; it doesn't appear that I can change the set of 
requested reviewers, and the validation queue won't commit the changes if 
there's a Pending review.
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