Maybe, some additional explanation is needed:

On Ubuntu 64Bit, we (28msec) are compiling c-client ourselves. Otherwise, the 
email modules do not compile (we created a ppa repository for this:

When I build the c-client library myself, I discovered that it has the symbol 
crypt in the static library if the crypt library is available on the system:
nm /usr/lib/libc-client.a | grep crypt
                 U ERR_load_crypto_strings
                 U crypt

The crypt library is located at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ Somehow, 
it seems to be available at ubuntu 64 bit only. So, when the static c-client 
has the crypt symbol, the email module doesn't work without my fix. It's 

./bin/zorba -q ~/sausalito/build/test.xq  -f
operating system error [zerr:ZOSE0005]: 
 error loading dynamic library: 
 undefined symbol: crypt; raised at 

After googling and debugging for several hours, I managed to fix the problem by 
adding the crypt dependency to the linker. But I don't know why the static 
c-client library needs it ...
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