I'm not sure I understand.

1. The default for JSON strings seems to be UTF-8.
2. If a JSON string uses an encoding other than UTF-8, the entire string should 
be transcoded. This needs to be done when the data its retrieve. For example, 
by passing an encoding parameter to file:read-text.

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  data-converter module problems with non utf-8 characters

Status in Zorba - The XQuery Processor:

Bug description:
  In public Json streams lots of non-utf8 character escapes can be found
  causing some problems when parsing json or tidying the contained html
  ( as for example marketed here: http://www.charbase.com/1f44a-unicode-
  fisted-hand-sign ).

  The following example Query causes a whole bunch of problems:

    import module namespace json = 
    import module namespace html = 
    declare namespace j = "http://john.snelson.org.uk/parsing-json-into-xquery";;
    let $text := "<p>" || json:parse("{""text"":""Let's get it. 
\ud83d\udc4a""}")/j:pair[@name="text"]/text() || "</p>"
    return html:parse($text)


  1. html:parse () has return type document-node(), but tries to return
  an empty-sequence in this example (discovered by ghislain)

  * --> moved to bug #1025194 *

  2. in file src/com/zorba-
  xquery/www/modules/converters/html.xq.src/tidy_wrapper.h function
  createHtmlItem(...) doesn't throw a proper error message (discovered
  by ghislain) which makes debugging really hard. In contrast, parse-xml
  throws a very helpful error:

    dynamic error [err:FODC0006]: invalid content passed to fn:parse-
  xml(): loader parsing error: Char 0xD83D out of allowed range;

  Could html:parse report the same error?

  * --> moved to bug #1025193 *

  3. json:parse() doesn't report an error here which is good in my
  opinion. Yet, as these utf-16 (?) encoded characters are used a lot in
  json, would it be possible to transform them into valid utf-8 (e.g.
  \ud83d\udc4a -> 👊)?

  Maybe these findings are going to be a problem in Jsoniq as well?

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