> Good catch.  I don't suppose you could add the relevant CMake stuff to find
> libuuid?

1. Are the things you compile/link against on Windows and Mac guaranteed to 
exist? (ie, do I only need to find libuuid on Linux platforms)

2. What should happen if I *don't* find it? Can the UUID code be made optional 
at compile time? Would that mean we need a ZORBA_WITH_UUID or something like 
that? Or, do we have a hard requirement on libuuid and the build should fail 
without it?

It does appear that on Ubuntu, at least, libuuid comes from the package 
"libuuid1", which is part of the "minimal" Task and is depended on by some 
pretty low-level packages such as util-linux and e2fsprogs. It's not clear to 
me whether it's at all possible to have a functional Linux/Ubuntu system 
without libuuid existing. So maybe it's OK to assume it will always be there.
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