Review: Needs Fixing

Turns out this is less standard than I thought. On my standard Ubuntu 
installation, I cannot compile this branch without installing the "uuid-dev" 
Ubuntu package, which is where uuid/uuid.h comes from.

I have added a bit of CMake stuff to check that -luuid works if 
ZORBA_HAVE_UUID_H is true. I also added a clause to make CMake configuration 
fail is ZORBA_HAVE_UUID_H is false, and you're not on Apple or Win32.

However, I'm a bit uneasy about adding a new hard requirement like this. At the 
very least, if we decide that this way of doing things is correct, we need to 
update the Linux build documentation to list the UUID development headers as a 
build requirement, and mention the uuid-dev on the Ubuntu build page. I won't 
have time to do that this week due to NoSQL Now, so Paul, please take a crack 
at it (assuming we decide that it is going to be a new requirement).
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