Review: Needs Fixing

- Given the documentation, I was not able to figure out why the collection
function takes the $start and $skip parameters. Is one of the ignored if
the other one is given? Does skipping start at the item identified by
$start? If so, would it make sense to separate the two ways of skipping
into separate functions?

- improved
The reference to first node to return
A reference to the first node to return.

- What does "order is implementation dependent" mean for ordered collections?

- Error message can be improved according to Paul's style:

Node reference $1 doesn't reference a node in collection $2
$1: doesn't reference a node in collection ($2)

- typo:
if the passed reference $start doesn't reference
a _not_ from the collection identified by $name.

- the documentation mention zerr:ZAPI0028 if the given URI
is not a valid node reference
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