I fixed the first compilation problem; in three places there was code like this:

  std::istream stream = std::istream(&streamBuffer);

which is illegal (at least according to gcc) because it implicitly uses a 
private copy-constructor on ios_base. Changing it to this:

  std::istream stream(&streamBuffer);

fixed the compilation error and is slightly more efficient anyway. I have 
committed this change.

The next compilation error involved the class org.zorbaxquery.api.intArray. As 
far as I could make out this class wasn't actually used anyway, so I removed 
the import from java/ZorbaInputWrapper.java and the %array_class() declaration 
in zorba_api.i. I did not commit these changes, though, because I wasn't sure 
they were good.

However, even with that the branch still doesn't build. On the RQ machine I get

 In member function ‘virtual void SwigDirector_ZorbaIOStream::write(const 
char*, size_t)’:
 error: cannot convert ‘_jbyteArray*’ to ‘_jstring*’ in assignment

On my own machine, I don't get that, but it is failing when trying to compile 
the .java files for zorba_xqj.jar - it can't find the symbols for classes like 
"XQuery", "DynamicContext", and others. I haven't previously tried compiling 
the swig stuff on my machine so it's possible I'm missing some dependency 
there, but for now I can't debug any further.
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