Review: Needs Fixing

- Based on the paging.xqlib module (in the tests), the following query should 
return the empty sequence:

  10, 2, 3, true(), true(), true(), true())

But it returns all the items with age 3. This seems wrong.

- idml:probe-index-range-value sorts the nodes implicitly in document order, 
i.e. they are not returned in the order of the index keys. The skipping is done 
before the sorting. This might be really confusing to the user. Essentially, he 
doesn't have a way to know which items are skipped. We have talked to Markos 
and he agreed that we remove the sorting from the range-value functions and 
only add it if the probe is used to answer queries.

- The module in 
modules/com/zorba-xquery/www/modules/store/static/indexes/dml.xq doesn't 
contain the -skip functions. It looks like the probe-index-point-value appears 
twice and is missing the -skip suffix. The same seems to be the case for the 
probe-index-range-value function. Also, the documentation for what is probably 
supposed to be the -skip function is very long. Maybe it can make a reference 
to the original probe function and only mention the fact that it returns the 
values for the keys.

Minor issues:
- I wasn't able to merge the trunk into this branch because there are tons of 
merge conflicts in translator.cpp. Also, bzr reports that a criss-cross merge 
was encountered. Probably because the collection-skipping branch was merged in 
the meantime. I don't understand why the merge proposal doesn't show any 
conflict. Without merging the trunk, I can't link because of the uuid_generate 

- There seem to be plenty of whitespace-only changes in 
src/functions/signature.cpp? I couldn't figure out whether there are actually 
semantic changes in that file. Are they necessary (e.g. removing tabs)?

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