Review: Needs Fixing

- the probe-index-point-value-skip and probe-index-range-value-skip functions 
in dml.xq don't declare the $skip parameters (but their documentation does)

- idml:probe-index-range-value-skip(xs:QName("data:idx-age-range-val"), 2, 3, 
true(), true(), true(), true())
  '"data:idx-age-range-val": invalid number of arguments to index operation; 
given 5 expected multiple of 6;'
  but I'm counting 7 parameters

- the branch seems to undo some changes in the trunk (see diagnostic_en.xml)

-      <value>$1: does not reference a node in collection $2.</value>
+      <value>Node reference $1 doesn't reference a node in collection 

- It would be great if the iterator plan could mention if the iterator does 
skipping and/or counting. For example, ./test/apitest  -i paging.xq contains 
the following snippet

<ProbeIndexRangeValueIterator id="0x1a2fb50">
value="xs:QName(,data,idx-age-range-val)" id="0x1a146a0"/>
   <SingletonIterator value="xs:integer(7)" id="0x1a2c830"/>
   <SingletonIterator value="xs:integer(2)" id="0x1a2c880"/>
   <SingletonIterator value="xs:integer(3)" id="0x1a2c8d0"/>
   <SingletonIterator value="xs:boolean(true)" id="0x1a2c920"/>
   <SingletonIterator value="xs:boolean(true)" id="0x1a2c970"/>
   <SingletonIterator value="xs:boolean(true)" id="0x1a2c9c0"/>
   <SingletonIterator value="xs:boolean(true)" id="0x1a2ca10"/>


  7, 2, 3, true(), true(), true(), true()))
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