Review: Needs Fixing

- JNTY0023 doesn't exist in the spec

- jn:decode-from-roundtrip should return item()*, e.g. it could also return 
- Probably not related to this proposal but it's strange that the following 
example doesn't raise a sequence-type matching error (in this branch)
  jn:decode-from-roundtrip({ "Q{}type"; : 
"xs:dateTime", "Q{}value"; : 
"2012-09-21T09:44:14.753-07:00" }) instance of xs:dateTime

- jn:encode-for-roundtrip should accept item()*

- the exception raised in JSONEncodeForRoundtripIterator::encodeNode doesn't 
have a query location. It could have one by directly raising an XQueryException 
or catching and rethrowing it in nextImpl with the location added.

- ChangeLog entry missing
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