> - adjust date in the Copyright headers
done. Although it is a real pain. I even change the date in the automatic code 
generation to 2012 (from 2008!). Thus, there are quite a lot of s/2008/2012 
changes. Would be nice to implement a script to generate this thing 
automatically. Year to put could be figured out by executing bzr log --limit 1.
> - defaults are not backwards compatible (e.g. functions are not included by
> default )
I do not understand. Can you give me an example?
> - fetch:content($module-uri) => fetch:content($module-uri, "MODULE")
> - we should mark the xqdoc:xqdoc function as deprecated (@deprecated tag)
> - we are getting more an more out of sync with the original xqdoc schema. Is
> there a way to extend the schema?
I started to create a zorba-xqdoc schema. But I gave up after some point. It 
became too confused. For collections and indexes, it would make sense to create 
an additional schema (except that we would have to deals which two different 
namespaces). But they are many little changes which are not in the original 
xqdoc. Mostly the annotation and custom element. Zorba should try to push them 
into the original xqdoc. Afterwards, a separate schema for the collections and 
indexes could be created.

> - in end_visit(const FunctionDecl& and end_visit(const GlobalVarDecl
>    it would be nice if you could do the following check at the beginning and
> don't change the indentation of the remaining body of the function
>         if (!(theOptions & xqdoc_component_functions/variables))
>         {
>           return
>         }
>         This would reduce the size of the diff significantly
> - a collection is output as
> <xqdoc:collection>
>   <xqdoc:uri>foo:bar</xqdoc:uri>
> </xqdoc:collection>
> But foo:bar is the QName not the URI. We should either only include the
> localname or separate the two components in separate elements (although the ns
> will always be the module's namespace).
Implemented variant 1. But I am not so happy. Because variables and functions 
should be cleaned up too. But I don't have the patience for this. Because it 
will destroy the zorba module documentation generation. This needs to be fixed 
by someone else.
> - The following index declarations leads to an empty sources element.
> declare index foo:index
>   on nodes db:collection(xs:QName("foo:bar"))
>   by xs:string(./@id) as xs:string;
> => <xqdoc:index>
>     <xqdoc:uri>foo:index</xqdoc:uri>
>     <xqdoc:sources/>
>    </xqdoc:index>
> Also, there is the same problem with the uri element than for collections.
Should be fixed now.

Additionally, I fixed the following issues:
- xqdoc comment generation for indices and collections
- test for indexes and collections
- type into type element (and not custom element)
- removed sources element
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