Review: Needs Fixing

1) @project tags for the following modules are wrong:
- modules/com/zorba-xquery/www/modules/node.xq
tag Zorba/XQuery Data Model/Node/Node
should be Zorba/XQuery Data Model/Node

tag Zorba/Data Store/Documents
should be Zorba/Data Store/Dynamic/Documents

tag debugger
should be Zorba/debugger

- modules/com/zorba-xquery/www/modules/xqdoc.xq
tag Zorba/XQDoc/XQDoc
should be Zorba/XQDoc/XQDoc generator or something similar

2) modules/functx/functx.xq has to be like his author wrote it:
please do not make any changes to the file, adapt the XQDoc generator instead 
to handle the missing @project tag.

3) if you want to "convince" people to add a @project tag for the module they 
write please add a test for checking the @project tag under 
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