Review: Approve

The code looks to be of high quality. I've found one bug (bug 1070704) and made 
a few enhancement requests to Sorin.

I do have a few performance concerns, most particularly with the implementation 
of the assert-XX functions which create and compile a different query for every 
comparison. It seems that there might be a more efficient way to do this, such 
as pre-compiling a single query for each one (on demand) and re-using it for 
later comparisons by binding different inputs. I admit I don't completely 
understand what that code is doing and so it may be that this is not possible.

However, in my opinion the code is ready to be merged onto the trunk so we can 
get people to use it, and especially running at least some set of the tests via 
this driver on the remote queue. This will let us identify any bugs or needed 
enhancements much more quickly.
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