Review: Needs Fixing

As written, DEPENDS will only do anything if the module includes C++ code. If 
that is sufficient for your needs, fine, but please change the name of the 
parameter to something like LIBRARY_DEPENDS to make this clear.

If you need to have targets executed for modules that do NOT have C++ code, 
then you may be able to make use of the fifth argument to ADD_COPY_RULE(). 
However, if you go this route, test it *extensively*; adding target 
dependencies to CMake custom commands (which is necessary for that to work) 
often leads to really erratic and frustrating CMake behaviour. It won't even 
have a chance to work on CMake prior to version 2.8.4, either. I do something 
similar for DECLARE_ZORBA_JAR(), but it has caused no end of grief and I'm not 
completely sure it's working right all the time even now.
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