Review: Needs Fixing

The implementation looks very clean. I poked around a bit and ran several 
random test sets.
The feeling I got is that it's not quite ready yet for merging. I would like to 
avoid waisting time when more people start using it and all run into the same 

Before we continue, I would like to understand why the following two problems 
exist. Especially the first one seems to be a candidate to fix many more tests.

- assert-serialization doesn't not seem to be implemented. Should it? I poked 
around and found many tests failing because of this (e.g. CondExpr002)
- It seems that all of the prod-OrderByClause tests fail. It's not clear 
whether this is a bug in my setting, the driver, or Zorba itself.

Some minor issues are:
- I find it very hard to read the output of a test run but maybe this will 
change if we have the stylesheet
- Rename fots_driver to fots
- We generally use xq instead of xqy for xquery files. Maybe we should do this 
here to.
- Rename zorba-fots-driver.xqy to fots-driver.xq
- How do I know whether my test run actually ran any tests? Sometimes I had a 
typo in the prefix and it didn't run anything but it's hard to see.
- Does the dependency output have to appear in every run?
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