Cool, now I can fix what someone else did wrong :-(. 

Anyway, Paul, can you help me on one thing please? Can you tell me how I can 
use this ErrorPrinter for warnings too?

> It's a stupid API.  There's no reason to have a class with a single static
> member function.  If you're going to make it public, it needs to be better.
> Two things come to mind:
> 1. (Trivial) Simply make it a global function -- no need for a class.
> 2. (Less trivial) Create a (real) ErrorPrinter class that holds the
> configuration parameters; then using operator<<, you can write an
> XQueryException to it.
> 3. Regardless, the indentation parameter should be an unsigned int (not a
> bool): it will specify a multiplier for the amount of indentation (where 0 =
> none).
> BTW: It should take a ZorbaException, not an XQueryException.
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