> - remove from modules/w3c/xpath_functions.xq (it's not defined in the XQuery
> FOTS spec)
Sorry my mistake, I did it for testing because the function as not being 
detected and forgot to remove it.

> - the function should handle streamable strings as well
> - does canonicalization allow for options? If so, we should expose them
Yes it have encoding and some options 
http://xmlsoft.org/html/libxml-parser.html#xmlParserOption, should I add them?

> - the prefix of the module should not be parse-xml anymore because there are
> not only parsing-related functions in the module
What would be a a good prefix?

> - the function probably shouldn't raise any errors form the spec (i.e.
> FODC0006)
I thought that message fit the error, is there another one better for it or 
should I add one to the diagnostic?

> - the special state is not needed (theDocString doesn't seem to be used
> anyway)
Removing it.

> - the function doesn't access the dynamic context, hence the
> zorba:accessesDynCtx element can be removed from the spec
I know I removed this from the description of the function, but as soon as I 
removed it the implementation was not being linked with the function. I will 
take a look.

> - the  condition 'if (consumeNext(result, theChildren[0].getp(), planState))'
> can be removed because the function is guaranteed to get one result
Removing it
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