Interesting Ubuntu and Fedora don't implement this the same way.

On Ubuntu running a bash script or the process xq script which calls a program 
that segFaults, the exit code is 139. The macro WIFEXITED(stat) returns true 
and WEXITSTATUS(stat) returns 139. Which btw means acording to the link below 
an 128+signal 11.

On Fedora running the same process implementation, the macro WIFEXITED(stat) 
returns false and WIFSIGNALED(stat) returns true which means we can call 
WTERMSIG(stat) which returns 11.

So in order to bring these two together I propose make them both return 139, 
just like shell because this process module executes a shell command not just 
an executable and I think we need to respect the same conventions. This means 
that for the Fedora case just add 128 and use it as exit code. 

On Windows I couldn't find something similar, if possible we could follow the 
same convention.


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